Saturday, July 26, 2008

pictures from my trip to the midwest

Downtown Chicago

My sweet Mom

My good friend Avril

Meeting the Twins...Carson & Caden

My dear friend Carolyn

Dad & Christy

4th of July in St. Louis

Seeing Kurtis' sister, Heather, in the Phoenix airport

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Closet Treasures

It was time for me to clean out my closet and go through all of my clothes. I was able to get rid of some old stuff. I had shirts that were too short. I don't know why I kept those for so long. I found skirts and dresses that were out of style and shoes galore.
The best Treasures I found were my favorite JEANS! They had been sitting in my closet for about a year because they had gotten a little snug. When I put them on and zipped them up, my body was in heaven. I know this sounds weird, but they are so comfortable and they are the most perfect fitting pairs of jeans I have owned. I challenge you to go through your closet and let me know if you find any great Treasures!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cardboard Testimony

Thanks you Jesus for extending grace and mercy. I feel like such a mess, but you see my mess as beautiful and take it on as Yours. I am restored and loved so much! He is always good!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Sister

Last Friday I got a call from my mom that my sister had been in a bad car accident in Chicago! She was in a cab on her way home from the airport. We didn't know all the details, but the doctor's were concerned because there was bleeding in her brain. My mom immediately left for Chicago and I took the first flight out on Saturday morning.
My sweet sister had a concussion, a deep cut in her head that they stapled, and her body was bruised. This is very traumatic and hard on her and all of us.
She is doing better, but the recovery will take awhile. They have a lot of things to sort out with insurance, the police, court dates, work, and missing their summer vacation.
It was so good for me to be by her side. I love my sister with all of my heart!
Thanks for your prayers and support! The Lord has been so gracious and it amazes me how He uses people to come alongside us. He is good!