Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lynnie!

I am so very thankful for my sweet sister! It is a joy to have a best friend who is your sister. She loves me well, prays for me, supports me, and encourages me. Thank you! I love you with all of my heart. Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Papa Turns 88

We were able to go see my grandparents for Thanksgiving and our time with them was so sweet. My Papa's health has not been good so being with him was very dear to my heart. I have always felt so loved by him! His love for the Lord and others inspires me to love unconditionally. Papa turned 88 the day after Thanksgiving and we were there to celebrate with him. I am so very thankful for him and the way God has made him! I love you, Papa!

Monday, November 16, 2009


We are getting settled in our new city and feeling more comfortable each day! It has been a hard transition for us, but we are thankful the Lord has brought us here. We have great news to share with you...we have found a HOUSE!!! After an offer and some negotiating it was settled and we could not be more excited! We will be in our new home before Christmas! Yeah! It already feels like such a weight has been taken off of us and makes us feel that more more at home here. The Lord has provided people to come alongside us to help and offer support, so to say the least we are still being amazed each day by the way God is providing.
"And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goodbye Arizona

God is really moving and making things happen quickly in our lives to get us to the Midwest! We SOLD our house in 10 days! We are a little heartsick as we think about someone else occupying our first home, but we thank God for providing the right buyer. We hope the new owner will love it like we did and care for it well! We pray this move will grow us closer to one another and bring us new and wonderful experiences!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Meeting SAM

I was overjoyed to meet my first nephew last week! Sam is a precious gift from the Lord and it is an honor to be his Auntie! I love the sounds he makes and how he likes to cuddle with me. We had a lot of fun together and it was sweet to sing to him and hold him tightly. What a beautiful picture it was seeing my sister as a MOM! I am so happy for them and thanking the Lord for blessing them with Samuel! I love you guys!

Enjoying the fall weather

My sweet sister and new nephew

Baby Sam in his precious nursery

Auntie Lara love you

Look at that cute smile

Monday, September 14, 2009

Open to New Beginnings

We have been praying diligently and asking for God to reveal a path for us to follow obediently. Through that time we have felt the Lord softening our hearts and making us open to His will, rather than clinging tightly to our own desires. We have experienced what it feels like to truly trust the Living God who is Great and Gracious and desires to meet our every need.

Recently we came to the decision to part ways with Kurtis' current company and pursue other opportunities. This means we will not be relocating to the Chicago area, rather we will be seeking options back in the Midwest where my family is and also here in AZ. There are a few strong leads back in the Midwest and we are praying for the Lord's favor, while keeping a loose grip and allowing Him to lead us with each step. We are feeling more and more comfortable and confident each day in the Lord's care and we are relying on His timing!

We are excited for the new adventure and the many possibilities God will lead us to! Just as David had many giants to face (including one actual giant) we too have our "giants" to overcome. What we have come to realize is our own faith, or lack thereof, is the greatest "giant" in our lives. May we never lose sight of the One who is worthy of our praise and the One from whom all good things come!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He's Here!

We praise the Lord for the arrival of my sweet nephew, Samuel Lincoln!
He was born on August 18th and weighed 5 lbs. 12 oz. He is a true miracle and it is an honor to be his Auntie! We love you Sam and can't wait to meet you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Choosing to Trust

About 3 weeks ago we learned that Kurtis' job recently acquired another business and that decision has impacted us. His department's work will no longer take place in the AZ office. Kurtis' job is not being eliminated, but moved. This sounds all too familiar...Kurtis lost his job a year ago and we are facing tough decisions once again.
We are still looking at all of our options, but a move may be necessary! We want to be open to what the Lord is showing us, so we are not closing any doors ourselves. It is very hard for me to TRUST Him. I have longed to live closer to my family, but I also enjoy my life here.
I feel overwhelmed and anxious! I want to feel ok in God's care and His provision, but there are so many details that I find myself getting distracted and worried. Pray that the Lord would quiet my heart and remove any anxious thoughts that are not from Him! I want to lean on my Heavenly Father and not try to figure things out on my own.
This verse has been encouraging to me...
"Your word is a lamp to my feel and a light for my path." -Psalm 119:105
May the Lord let His light burn just bright enough for us to see the next step, but not too bright that we forget to lean on Him!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The Bean

My adorable Mom

My sister is pregnant and due in early September

My sister's building

Look at that cute belly! I can't wait to meet my nephew.

Chicago Pizza with my Mom and Sis and Pete and his Mom

Baby Shower


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hot Days and Cool Nights in Cancun!

We had a wonderful time in Cancun this past week! We stayed at Le Blanc an all-inclusive resort. It was paradise! We truly were able to relax and be stress free.

We had a beautiful view from our 8th floor room of the beach and Caribbean Sea, gorgeous!

We did a lot of relaxing at the pool and enjoyed the swim up bar! Much of our time was spent beside this pool as we soaked in the rays and enjoyed being pampered. We spent time talking to many of the attendants and had fun getting to know them and their stories.

Negative edge pool

We met a really fun couple from Florida at our resort!

We also enjoyed exploring the ocean. The water was a warm 85 degrees and the waves were just right to enjoy some body surfing! There is nothing like hearing the sound of the ocean the first thing in the morning.

We took our own speedboat on a long and winding ride through the channels and out to the coral reef for some snorkeling.

The snorkeling was great. We saw plenty of fish, a stingray, squid, and a huge gruesome looking barracuda.

We rented a jetski one afternoon and had fun cruising on the open ocean!

At night we got dressed up for dinner. On the resort grounds there were five great restaurants: Italian, French, Oriental, International, and a Mexican-International. The food was fantastic and we really had a great time getting to know the staff...such wonderful people.

One night after dinner a concert was being held up in the third floor lounge. The atmosphere was great as the musicians played Latin and American songs. It was the perfect way to relax after a fun filled day. Another night we saw an amazing fire show...very impressive! We hope to return next year!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

College Friends Unite in Tucson

What an absolute joy it was to reconnect with a dear college friend. Shelley and I went to Samford together and we met our freshman year because we both lived on 2nd West! We both went through RUSH and then we both pledged ADPi! Our friendship grew over the years and it was so great to live life together. Shelley is very loyal and down to earth. I love her silly side, but her genuine heart and how she cares for others was and is an encouragement to me.
We have kept in touch since we graduated and we both got married a month apart from each other. It was so refreshing and good to have Shelley and Allan here in Tucson. It was like we picked up from where we left off. Having that time with Shelley was so good for my soul. The Lord knew I needed a pick me up and some refreshing conversations. The time went by so quickly, but we hope to go visit them this year in Alabama.
I am so very thankful for you, Shelley!

Shelley is in black & red & I am in red!

Our Pledge Class Senior Year
Shelley is in the front left row & I am standing on the 3rd left row!

June 2009

Allan, Shelley, Me, & Kurtis

eegee's is a must when you're in Tucson