Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He's Here!

We praise the Lord for the arrival of my sweet nephew, Samuel Lincoln!
He was born on August 18th and weighed 5 lbs. 12 oz. He is a true miracle and it is an honor to be his Auntie! We love you Sam and can't wait to meet you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Choosing to Trust

About 3 weeks ago we learned that Kurtis' job recently acquired another business and that decision has impacted us. His department's work will no longer take place in the AZ office. Kurtis' job is not being eliminated, but moved. This sounds all too familiar...Kurtis lost his job a year ago and we are facing tough decisions once again.
We are still looking at all of our options, but a move may be necessary! We want to be open to what the Lord is showing us, so we are not closing any doors ourselves. It is very hard for me to TRUST Him. I have longed to live closer to my family, but I also enjoy my life here.
I feel overwhelmed and anxious! I want to feel ok in God's care and His provision, but there are so many details that I find myself getting distracted and worried. Pray that the Lord would quiet my heart and remove any anxious thoughts that are not from Him! I want to lean on my Heavenly Father and not try to figure things out on my own.
This verse has been encouraging to me...
"Your word is a lamp to my feel and a light for my path." -Psalm 119:105
May the Lord let His light burn just bright enough for us to see the next step, but not too bright that we forget to lean on Him!