Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trip to Arizona

We are so blessed to be able to take a trip back to Arizona before our little girl is born. It was so good to see family and friends we've missed for a very long time. It is safe to say we did a lot of celebrating: two birthday parties and a couples baby shower! Time spent with loved ones was just what our hearts needed to feel renewed. The baby shower thrown by my good friends Jenná, Pamela, and Kurtis' Mom was so fun! Great friends, good food, lots of laughing, and time to celebrate our little girl. We are so thankful for the short time we had to be back in Arizona!
Jenn is about 40 Weeks and I am about 27 Weeks
Our good friends Pete and Jenná
Scott, Pamela, and Morgan
We miss the desert
Festive and delicious cupcakes
Almost 27 Weeks
What a dear friend
Mom and Dad
Our good friends Scott and Pamela
Pete and Jenná
Kristina, Scott, Kerry, and Shelbie
Lauren, Chelsea, and I
My dear friends Jenná and Jenn
Kurtis and Brett
Me, Jenná, Lauren, and Jenn
Pamela, Kristina, and Shelbie
John, Mary, Mary, Frank, and Mom
Kurtis' Mom knitted us a beautiful sweater and matching hat
Lots of it