Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Birthday

My sweet husband made me breakfast on my birthday! He made breakfast burittos and had decorated the kitchen. It was so festive! He had a Happy Birthday banner, balloons, confetti, and even a birthday hat for me to wear. I felt very loved and celebrated. Later that day I had a relaxing day at the spa! I had a gift card for a massage and pedicure! What a treat! My creative and sneaky husband knows I love purses and thinks I have enough. I like to think otherwise. When we were in California in November there was a purse I wanted from COACH, but was not able to purchase it. To my surprise my amazing husband was able to buy the purse without me seeing or knowing. He then gave the purse to his parents to hide. He wrapped the purse in a box and made it heavy with ziploc bags full of change to mask the contents. Inside was the purse I wanted so much! He is so clever and thoughtful!


Rach said...

That is a really cute picture of you two. How sweet is K! You got a good one. You are blessed...and so is he. Love ya and I'm glad you had a great bday! Have a great weekend. :)

Amanda Baca said...

How sweet & thoughtful is Kurtis! It sounds like you had a wonderful day! Adorable pic! (love your polka-dot shirt!)

mandy said...

way to go, kurtis! let him know he has set the bar for the next 100 years of birthdays!!