Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

On Tuesday we celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary! Our 2nd year of marriage was full of joys and challenges. God was faithful to use all those circumstances to grow our marriage. I am so very thankful to walk hand in hand with Kurtis, he has made my life more full and complete.
I am forever grateful for him! He is a strong man who is not afraid to show his emotions. Thank you, Kurtis for being vulnerable, real and loving me so well. I am excited to see what God will bring our way this year.
I love you so much!

Our Wedding Day
May 19, 2007

Celebrating 2 years of marriage

My good lookin' husband


Vivi DiLopes Adams said...


Mrs Bic said...

Congrats! Beautiful pics, by the way...and yes, that is a good-looking husband of yours!

AZChelsea said...

you guys are so sweet and so perfect for each other! God is good!