Saturday, June 20, 2009

College Friends Unite in Tucson

What an absolute joy it was to reconnect with a dear college friend. Shelley and I went to Samford together and we met our freshman year because we both lived on 2nd West! We both went through RUSH and then we both pledged ADPi! Our friendship grew over the years and it was so great to live life together. Shelley is very loyal and down to earth. I love her silly side, but her genuine heart and how she cares for others was and is an encouragement to me.
We have kept in touch since we graduated and we both got married a month apart from each other. It was so refreshing and good to have Shelley and Allan here in Tucson. It was like we picked up from where we left off. Having that time with Shelley was so good for my soul. The Lord knew I needed a pick me up and some refreshing conversations. The time went by so quickly, but we hope to go visit them this year in Alabama.
I am so very thankful for you, Shelley!

Shelley is in black & red & I am in red!

Our Pledge Class Senior Year
Shelley is in the front left row & I am standing on the 3rd left row!

June 2009

Allan, Shelley, Me, & Kurtis

eegee's is a must when you're in Tucson


Ben and Erin said...

So glad you had fun, and it's so neat to keep up those friendships. Hope you are staying cool in these summer months and doing well, Lara. :) Have a great week!