Monday, September 14, 2009

Open to New Beginnings

We have been praying diligently and asking for God to reveal a path for us to follow obediently. Through that time we have felt the Lord softening our hearts and making us open to His will, rather than clinging tightly to our own desires. We have experienced what it feels like to truly trust the Living God who is Great and Gracious and desires to meet our every need.

Recently we came to the decision to part ways with Kurtis' current company and pursue other opportunities. This means we will not be relocating to the Chicago area, rather we will be seeking options back in the Midwest where my family is and also here in AZ. There are a few strong leads back in the Midwest and we are praying for the Lord's favor, while keeping a loose grip and allowing Him to lead us with each step. We are feeling more and more comfortable and confident each day in the Lord's care and we are relying on His timing!

We are excited for the new adventure and the many possibilities God will lead us to! Just as David had many giants to face (including one actual giant) we too have our "giants" to overcome. What we have come to realize is our own faith, or lack thereof, is the greatest "giant" in our lives. May we never lose sight of the One who is worthy of our praise and the One from whom all good things come!


Ben and Erin said...

What a difficult decision to have to make and what great steps of faith you are taking. I'm sure the Lord will bless you on this new journey as you are really trusting him and his plan for you guys. I'll be praying for clear direction for you both. :)