Monday, May 26, 2008

Anniversary Surprise Getaway

My amazing husband surprised me with a 2 night getaway to Tubac Resort and Spa! He had been planning our 1st Anniversary for about 3 months. I was totally surprised and felt very pampered. Among the highlights of the trip include an 80-minute massage and pedicure, a rousing tennis match, games, a sweet letter hand written on graph paper from my husband, long walks to enjoy the surroundings, dressing up for a nice dinner, and champagne with chocolate covered strawberries. Our time was so well thought out and I wished it would never end. I felt so relaxed away from the fast paced life back home and the time spent with Kurtis was so much more intense and meaningful.


Ben and Erin said...

Looks beautiful and sounds wonderful! Happy Anniversary!

AZChelsea said...

I am so glad you guys had fun! What a wonderful time to have together....a good place for memories to be created! By the way, you are stunning in that black dress! Wow!