Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Kurtis and I were married in St. Louis a year ago May 19th! It was so fun having all of our friends and family with us to celebrate. It has been fun to look back on this past year and see how good our God is...through joys and pain. Kurtis has balanced me as person and has given me love and encouragement in a way in which I have never received before. I am so thankful for what the Lord is doing through him. I love you, Kurtis!


emily said...

Happy anniversary! Your wedding pictures are gorgeous. I hope you all had a fun anniversary!

Rach said...

Yay for an anniversary post! I do have a correction, though. Not ALL of your friends were there with you to celebrate. Some of us were at home in AZ, sad to be missing out on your big day. I still wish things had worked out differently. I so would loved to have been there in person, rather than just in spirit.
Anyways, I am so glad you had such a good anniversary trip and that you felt loved and celebrated and pampered, too. Good job Kurtis for planning such a great time together. Love ya!

Ben and Erin said...

Happy Anniversary (a little late--sorry)! What beautiful pictures and it looked like a wonderful day too! I'm so glad you are happy and have such a great husband too! I hope your second year is just as good. Ben and I are celebrating our 5th in a few weeks. It goes so quickly! :)