Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Cookies

I really enjoy baking and I love making my Grandma's roll out cookies. Each Valentine's I bake and decorate cookies and give them to family, friends, and people the Lord lays on my heart! I like to call it my Love Bake!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

The dough is chilled and ready to be rolled

The flour is down

The rolling pin is ready

A little more rolling

Heart-shaped cookie cutter

Using all the dough I can

So pretty

I make a butter cream frosting and then it's on to the fun part, decorating the cookies

I like being creative and packaging up the cookies with bows and boxes

Ready to be delivered


AZChelsea said...

that looks super fun and totally yummy!! you are so creative.

Mrs Bic said...

now I'm really hungry for cookies

jk said...

I'm so glad I 'stumbled upon' your blog! Now my chances to keep up with one of the dearest families I know are much improved!! P.S. I love your new home!! (And your new nephew!!!!)

Lara said...

Thanks JK! I am so forgetful and I can't figure out who you are?!? Please let me know so we keep in touch. Thanks! :)

jk said...

Oops - sorry, Lara! I didn't even notice that my ID is so anonymous! It's me - Josie Kinmonth. By the way, the cookies are beautiful! I can't seem to bake roll-outs down here in Orlando - too much humidity, I guess. Any advice?

Lara said...

Hey Josie! It is so great to hear from you. :) I had the same problem with roll out cookies in Arizona. It was the altitude and I am sure you are below or at sea level in Florida so that may be causing it. I am not sure what you can do...

How are you and your family? Thanks again for finding my blog. I hope to post something new soon. :)

Rachel said...

Those V-day cookies were so ADORABLE!! You are so creative and I love your decorating taste. :)