Friday, March 5, 2010

The BIG 30

Kurtis really pampered me on my 30th Birthday! The weekend before my Birthday he took me shopping to Anthropologie, my favorite store. I got to pick out a cute top for my Birthday night, but had no clue where or what we were doing. I also got some very fun new shoes!!! A few days before my 30th I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Kurtis and the note was so sweet and there was a P.S. included and it said to pack an overnight bag for Friday night. He knows I like surprises, but he also knows I am not a last minute packer! He got off early on Birthday and I was all ready to go. We ended up at this amazing Sushi Bistro which was delicious! I felt so celebrated and loved! We left dinner and had to drive a little bit, but arrived at a newer hotel which was very hip and cool. It was located in a charming shopping, dining, and entertainment district! The modern design and creative decor makes this hotel very unique. We had a wonderful evening together and I will never forget my 30th Birthday!

I love gerber daisies

Birthday lunch & shopping with Mom

Ready for Kurtis to surprise me

My new shoes


Kurtis had this delicious cupcake (best thing I have ever tasted) waiting in our room! He got it from a local Cupcake Bar

Drinks & more dessert from the Hotel's Restaurant & Bar

Breakfast the next morning

Surf & Turf at my Dad's

Kurtis, Me, Christy, & Dad

Playing shuffle fun

The day after my Birthday my good friend Lyndsay organized a lunch & mani/pedi day! She had these fun plates made for the party :)

Sweet Lyndsay

Jen, Allie, Lyndsay, Me, Carolyn, Avril, Debbie, & Evelyn


Lyndsay, Carolyn, Me, Avril, & Debbie

White cake with raspberry filling & a cream cheese frosting! It was the best cake I have ever had!!!

Make a wish

What a wonderful 30th Birthday! Thanks for making my day so special and fun!